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Win SHANGHAI CALLING Tickets and T-Shirts Before Things Get Really Crazy
January 30th, 2013

If you’re like me and have never released a movie before: IT’S A LOT OF WORK.  EVEN MORE WORK THAN MAKING THE MOVIE ITSELF.  Nobody warns you about this in film school.

Yes, we’re extremely busy preparing to put SHANGHAI CALLING into theaters in SAN FRANCISCO on FEBRUARY 8, LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK on FEBRUARY 15, and EVERYWHERE ON DEMAND on FEBRUARY 12.  That on-demand date is just in time for Valentine’s Day, hint hint.

Part of our preparation involves GIVING AWAY TICKETS and a bunch of “I’m Awesome Wang” T-Shirts through our FACEBOOK SHARE CONTEST!

Click here to go to Facebook and follow the instructions about how to share the image and shout out how YOU plan to watch #ShanghaiCalling.  You could win great prizes!  Hurry, the contest ends this Friday, Feb 1!  (Before I go crazy with too much stuff to do.)

And finally…

Because no blog post is complete without a photo of our star DANIEL HENNEY, here’s a pic of Daniel and co-star SEAN GALLAGHER.

This photo is from a deleted scene in the film, which is probably just as well because the t-shirt Sean is wearing is a joke that 99.99% of our audience will never understand.  From a comedy writing point of view, this is the worst kind of joke to put in your movie.  But while filming in Shanghai I became convinced it would work because I was surrounded by people who spoke English and could read pinyin (phonetic Chinese).  

UPDATE: Within minutes of this post going up, @Joyta correctly tweeted me the meaning of the joke. Which is, of course, that Sean’s character loves Puxi, which is the half of Shanghai that lies west (or “xi“) of the Pu river.  OBVIOUSLY!


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