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Spread the word: SHANGHAI CALLING coming to theaters and VOD! (Also: Zhu Zhu on list of 100 Most Beautiful Faces!)
January 14th, 2013

After months of waiting, we finally ANNOUNCED THE RELEASE DATE for SHANGHAI CALLING last week!

SHANGHAI CALLING comes to theaters in San Francisco on Feb 8, followed by Los Angeles and New York on Feb 15!  Oh, and VOD / On Demand that same week!

Now we need help from YOU, our fans, to spread the word about SHANGHAI CALLING.  I’m talking to every single person who saw us at festivals in NEWPORT BEACH, LOS ANGELES, SHANGHAI, NEW YORK, MILL VALLEY, HAWAII, STONY BROOK, DENVER, PHILADELPHIA, D.C., or SAN DIEGO!

Tell your friends, take your co-workers to see it, make a date to watch it at home.  We’re a small movie with an even smaller promo budget, so word of mouth is key to spreading awareness of our film.  Mention all of the AWARDS we’ve won, tell them about our review in VARIETY or the time you heard of us on NPR.  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and use our hashtag #ShanghaiCalling.  Tell everyone!

To that end, I’ll be updating this blog more regularly over the next several weeks, with more tidbits and extras about our movie.

Speaking of which: I was recently alerted that our actress ZHU ZHU was #22 on TC Candler’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2012″ list.  Number 22 out of 100!  And the photo  is from SHANGHAI CALLING!

Check out the entire list (it’s a video) below.  At the time of this writing it has 4.3 million views.  I guess people like to look at pictures of pretty ladies on the internet?


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