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Orient Express: In Shanghai Calling, An Expat Sheds His Empire State Of Mind In A Smart, Stylish Coming-of-age Story

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‘Shanghai Calling,’ With Daniel Henney and Zhu Zhu 

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Review: Cross-cultural laughs in gleaming ‘Shanghai Calling’ 

San Francisco Chronicle

“Irresistibly chic… a fizzy, sure-footed screenplay that weaves credible, uncontrived connections between an ensemble of roles, which seldom become overshadowed by the profusion of plots and gags.”

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‘Shanghai’: A Rom-Com Look At Americans In China

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The American Dream, Alive and Well in China

Shanghai Calling is “Extremely slick at both a production and writing level… the biggest surprise is the performance of Daniel Henney.”

The Expat Files ”My favorite tagline was:’ The American Dream is alive and well…in China.’”

Shanghai Calling is “a charming, extremely well-made, superbly acted movie…The Newport Beach Film Festival saved the best for last.”

Shanghai Calling “effortlessly transports you to a modern Orient, and makes you wish you could stay.”

Newport Beach Film Fest announces winners

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(LA Times sister OC pub), May 2, 2012, by Sarah Peters


Praise for Shanghai Calling

“As someone who has spent the majority of the past 27 years as a Shanghai expatriate, I can attest to the authenticity of the story lines throughout Shanghai Calling.  This movie should be mandatory viewing for all Westerners considering a career move or long-time stay in China.”
Dan Krassenstein
Board of Governors, The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
“Finally, a wonderful movie about the contemporary Shanghai!  Not the usual ‘flying kung fu fighters’ scenes. One is touched by how lovely the story plays with the common stereotypes about foreigners and the Chinese.”
Mike Braun
Partner, Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Services Ltd., Shanghai
“I thought Shanghai Calling was really charming and caught the expat in China theme perfectly. I found it engaging, funny, not boring for one minute, and I’m a real clock watcher in movies.”
China Bureau Chief, major national American newspaper (must remain anonymous)
“A classic love story on a totally credible canvas picturing the rambunctious atmosphere of this vibrant world class city and the best introduction to modern China you can get!”
Peter Potman
Consul-General, Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Shanghai
“It was still in my mind the following morning — more than a momentary giggle.  Shanghai Calling was wonderfully cast and directed and really rang true against racial stereotypes, shenanigans in China, and old and new conflicts.  Congratulations!
Shirley Young
Chair, US-China Cultural Institute
Former Corporate VP, General Motors, Shanghai-GM Joint Venture
“It was amazing to see how well the real situation of doing business in modern Shanghai is shown!  A real ‘must see’ for everybody doing business in China to understand the reality of today’s China!”
Mariska Kiewiet de Jonge
President, Benelux Chamber of Commerce Shanghai
“An amazing film.  Both the American audience and the Chinese audiences were laughing.  This is what the Chinese market and the American market is looking for: something that can transcend borders.”
Larry Sullivan
American industry professional in China
Americatown, Shanghai